Compensation – Did I make the right choice?

A few years ago (okay, more than a few), I interviewed for a position as a security officer at a college. The job paid pretty well with great benefits. I also interviewed for a position as a security officer assigned to a mill. That job did not pay as well, but it was going to be a lot easier. I was, initially, not selected for the college and I was offered the position at the mill. Before I started at the mill though, the college called and offered me the position as the person who had been selected fell through. I decided to go with the college. So, I let the mill know that I was not taking the assignment and I started with the college. Fast forward about 6 months, I was told that it wasn’t working out at the college and that my position was being eliminated. Did I make the right decision to leave the other job for this one?

How does this relate to compensation you ask? Well, my thought process at the time was to compare the two positions based on pay and benefits. The college paid better (not great, but then the security industry never pays well) and had better benefits, but the job had a greater workload than the mill did. Whereas the mill had a smaller workload but paid less and I honestly don’t remember what the benefits package looked like.

With that in mind, I chose the college based on the compensation package and not the workload.

So, looking back on it, did I make the right choice?

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